Royal Oak car park, Eydon Tutored by John Cannell, fuelled by Nina Turner, landlady of the Royal Oak, the following bodies were moulded in to Royal Oak Morris:
Nina Turner, Dawn Long, Jolyon Bull, Pete Clifford, Richard Giles, Russell Fisher, Doug Jimenez, & Kevin Lodge, aided by Joanne Colebourne on the tambourine.
 8th?/ 25th ? Eydon Fete First dance out, of new Eydon Tradition (out of Adderbury), Captain’s Whiskers and Constant Billy, done ‘vigorously’ several times! 
18th Practice Sue Lodge joins and is made Bag – £6.25 raised from subs, regular notes thereafter of practise meetings every Thursday and sub collections.
Bank Holiday Monday BBQ outside Royal Oak at Eydon A repeat performance of the fete dances, not much better as Pete Clifford fell over in middle of dance!  Proabaly started doing Badby Shepherds Hey by now.
    New members!
Pat Cannell, ‘Black John’, Nick Dukes, Sue Lodge and Matthew Tasker.  

Badby tradition added.
September   Article and Photo in Northampton Chronicle & Echo
20th Northampton Beer Festival Half hour spot on Friday night. Raised £21!   
    Nina and Dawn leave after ‘rough’ crowd at beer festival.
 24th   Moved practice to Byfield Village Hall for a time.
2nd Royal Oak Landlady and Morris dancer Nina Turner’s farewell party
Winter 85   Joan Turvey, Pat Eaton, Wendy Lowe and Angela Locke join as do Terry Butcher, his mate Martin and (later) their mate Big Steve
    Dick asked to leave for wife beating, Black John drops out.