1985 Photos

First Dance Out at Eydon Fete by Royal Oak Morris

The First Team Photo!  

From the left, Peter Clifford, Kevin Lodge, Russell Fisher, John Cannell, Doug Jinnenez and Richard Giles.  In front are Dawn Long and Nina Turner.  (Jolyon Bull was behind Peter.)


First Dance - Constant Billy
Watching on the right is our later 'mascot', Don Kench.
The Other Dance - the cross-over foot up for Captains Wiskers
The sticking in Constant Billy.
In the background in pink is future member Sue Lodge.
A quick relax after the dance.
Doug, Nina, Dick, Jolyon?, John and Peter.

August Bank Holiday Monday at the Royal Oak


Starts well outside the Royal Oak, where landlord Craig Turner (on right, behind BBQ) watches as (from left) Jolyon (in front of Russell), Kevin (in front of Peter) and Doug perform a vigorous Captain's Whiskers.

Sadly such perfection did not last long as what looks like a first attempt to perform Shepherd's Hey ended in chaos as Peter, celebrating the earlier success, fell over mid dance!

From the left:  Russell, Peter, Doug and Dawn.

Press Coverage
From left at back: John Cannell, Black John, Jolyon Bull, Kevin Lodge, Russel Fisher, Pete Clifford & Dick Giles
Front from left: Sue Lodge, Pat Cannell, Nina Turner, Joanne Colebourne and Dawn Long.

Dancing at the Beer Festival
Beer Fest 1

From the left:  John Cannell, Black John, Pete Clifford and Russ Fisher.  
Pat Cannell on Melodion and Joanne Colebourne on tamborine.
Then Dick Giles, Sue Lodge, Jolyon Bull and Kevin Lodge.  Dawn Long kneeling on right.

beer fest 2

Hands Around in a Badby Shepherds Hey