1987 Calendar

31st Byfield Doug’s birthday, danced at Byfield(?)
2nd   Derek Hettenbach joins and sponsors Royal Oak badges
21st Rugby Beer Festival Danced at Saturday lunchtime, in our new, wide baldrics.  Also first outing for Russell's knees, as he dances in shorts as he can't find his 'white' trousers.
8th 6 Bells, Bugbrook,
plus surprise 40th birthday party.
Sunday, Paul remembers " Morris Gatecrash Party - Procession from pub into adjacent estate, ended up processing round the inside one of the houses, then given food by them!"  
Pity about our muddy footprints on their white carpets!
Sat 25th Adderbury- tour of village  Paul remembers Chris Lesley’s fiddling jig. (I think we only watched)
17th Cropredy – both pubs Brazenose and Red Lion Lunchtime.
Dancing in street, but then raining – so first outing for Matchstick version of Eydon dances inside pub!
23rd - 25th The 'Kremlin' Tour, Shropshire.
All Stretton, Church Stretton, Ludlow and The Royal Oak at Clee Hill.
First outing in new badged kit. Sue took sewing machine along to finish off baldrics.  All (apart from Cannells, who as friends of publicans get special treatment!) sleep on floor in pub – lots of snoring!

Lots of dancing, including late afternoon an Saturday in Ludlow when we were too knacked to dance properly.

Jim C danced with us.
26th The Royal Oak at Eydon and The Kings Arms at Farthingstone. Hardly memorable!
6th Warmington Fete Sue has note also ‘Swan at Great Bourton’
14th Culworth Fete Pete Clifford, Jolyon Bull & Russell Fisher leave to start a blues band.
19th 3 pub tour of Wardington  
24th Grand tour of both Boddingtons The Carpenters Arms and the Plough
9th The Red Lion at Hellidon and The Holly Bush at Priors Marston.  [Pat C has photos]
31t Moreton Pinkney Village Hall Fete Dancing next to kids disco! (Or was that the year after?) Two afternoon spots
6th Banbury Sunday.  A  church fete in St Joseph's Hall.
7th Byfield  Monday evening dance at Souldern Hill.
20th Eydon Fete.  
10th Northampton Beer Festival "Audience Swayed by Dancing" - Paul says - "Whole audience was swaying- wonder why?"
18th The Coffee Pot at Yardley Gobion  Sunday lunchtime with Black Annis and Ragged Rainbow. 
    Kit now white boots, but no ribbons.
19th Southam (Fosse way area) village With 2 other sides
30th Green Man, Long Itchington. Monday dance out with Plum Jerkum and Phoenix at the invite of Icetone Morris.   Lin’s ankle damaged.  

Was this the first of Paul's many Morris conquests?
14th Xmas Social at Cannell’s  
20th Xmas Dance Tour Starting at the Plough at Boddington, on to the Fleur at Woodford and the Oak at Eydon.

With our first 3 Christmas Dances:  Fieldtown 'Signposts' to 'Good King Wenslaslas'; Badby corner stick dance to 'We Three Kings'; and Bampton 'Glorishears' to 'Once in David's Royal City'.