1987 Photo Gallery

Royal Oak in their crisp new kit outside the Royal Oak, Clee Hill
Standing from the left: Kevin Lodge; Pat Eaton, Joan Turly, John Cannell, Lin Walker, John Tearle, Paul Dennis & Trevor Marshall.
Lower tier: Gloria Swarbrick, Sue Lodge, Pat Cannell & Jill Tearle.

Rugby Beer Festival - again
Sue having fun at Rugby Beer Festival.  Maybe she has seen Russell's knees.
(Behind her are Dave Pile, Steve Walker, Spencer Walker & Jim Cannell.)
Russell couldn't find his white trousers, so his shorts had to do.  
(At an another dance out, his trousers were stained at the front. so he 'cleaned' them with magnolia paint!)

Chris Lesley dancing at Adderbury April 87.
(we didn't dance,  just watched and mocked)

Cropredy Pubs Tour, May 87
Possibly the last appearance for the original members Pete and Jolyon with Matthew and John Tearle.

Our First Weekend Away - Clee Hill 87
Quick practice outside our base, The Kremlin, Clee Hill
John provides the music for Joan, Pat Cannell, Sue and Kevin.
Boots definitely not part of kit yet!
Cannell Family Jam Inside The Kremlin(?)
Tom on clarinet, Pat on melodion, with Lin on tambourine.  Gloria and Trevor in background.
'In to line' outside pub at All? Stretton
From left, Jim Cannell, Pat Eaton, Jill, John Tearle, Paul, Joan & Lin, with Kevin(!) and John Cannell providing music.
Shepherds Hey in Pub Garden at Church? Stretton.
Trevor (for once 'in line'), Jill, Jim Cannell, Lin, John Cannell, Joan, John Tearle, Paul and Sue.

A bit livelier group outside the Royal Oak, Clee Hill.
On the cart: Mel, Spencer & Lin Walker, John & Jill T, Paul, with Pat and Tom? Cannell kneeling.
Floor level:  Kevin, Steve Walker, John C., Pat E., Sue, Gloria, Trevor and Roger.

Back at the Royal Oak, May 87
Not entirely in time!
Kevin & Sue go up, Trevor and Paul go out, whilst John and Lin go down!
A Little Better Here
Pat & Pat, Trevor & Paul, Sue & Joan and Lin dance up either side of John C on melodion doing Two Stick Constant Billy.
We bring our own audience, Steve & Spencer Walker.

Coffee Pot, Yardley Gobion, Oct 87
White Shoe Morris Has Arrived!
Sue, John Tearle, Pat Eaton, Paul, Lin, Jill, Trevor and a fat little Kevin finish Two Stick Constant Billy in style.
The Black Annis Band who appear to be playing for Ragged Rainbow.