1989 Photos

Royal Oak in 1989
At the Sunday pub lunch stop at the Yeovil Weekend
From the top down:  
Kevin Lodge, Richard Tidmarsh, Paul Denis, Joan Turvy, John Tearle.
Marjory Coveney, Mary Braybrook, Pat Cannell and Pat Eaton.
Roger Eaton, Sue Lodge, Tom Cannell, Mary Wilkinson. John Cannell and Jim Cannell.
In front: Rebecca and Paul Tidmarsh.

Dancing outside the Sunday lunch pub stop, Pat C and Pat E and Paul, with John C hamming it up on the music. Royal Oak in happy mood, about to start on on a coach tour.
Looks like Trevor and John T, Mary and John B, Marjory, and Jim and John C, with Sue standing, Paul Tidmarsh at back with Roger and Pat C in front of them.
Are these the famous Queens Delight?  Hosts of our weekend, dancing out on top of Ham Hill on the Saturday lunchtime stop. Royal Oak watching some other side after sampling the many ciders available at the big shed behind them.
Royal Oak dancing in Dorchester as part of the Yeovil tour.

Jacquie, Gloria, Kevin and Paul with John and Jim C playing.

Red Nose Day, 1989

Fund-raising outside the George & Dragon at Chacombe on red-nose day, 1989.

From the left: Paul, John C, Kevin, Joan, John T, Gloria, Pat E, Lin, Roger, Jill, Pat C, Richard, Sue and Susie and Kevin Dennis on the right.
The Band!

John C on melodion, Jill on recorder, Roger on fiddle, Richard on tambourine, Gloria on drum and Pat C on melodion
Joan, Pat E, Sue, John T, Kevin? and Lin, all (almost) off the ground at the same time.
Looks like a hay in Constant Billy, Kevin ?, Sue, Lin, John T, Pat E and the band.

Wroxton Fete
With Royal Oak Morris, who only provided "some" entertainment!
Paul, Gloria & Kevin