1991 Members

  Royal Oak Morris Members and Repertoire in 1991

Royal Oak Members in 1991
John Cannell Foreman
Kevin Lodge Squire
Pat Cannell  
Sue Lodge Bag
Pat Eaton  
Roger Eaton  
Joan Turvey  
Paul Dennis  
Gloria Swarbrick  
Jacqui Bennett  
Richard Tidmarsh  
Mary Braybrook  
John Braybrook  
Mary Wilkinson  
Marjory Coveney  
Pam Russell  
Mandy Davis  
Musicians in Italics   

Drawn from winter practice schedule

Repertoire in 1991
Eydon Badby Fieldtown
Captain's Whiskers Shepherd's Hey Balance the straw
Constant Billy Beaux of London City Old Woman
Constant Billy (2 sticks) Old Black Joe Country Gardens
  Room for the Cuckolds Good King Weslaslas
Bampton Cuckoo's Nest Trunkles
Rose Tree We Three Kings Darling Dicky
Highland Mary   Valentines
Maid of the Mill Lichfield Fieldtown knacker
Gloryshears Vandels of Hammerwich  
Step and fetch her Ring o' bells Adderbury
Once in David's Royal city   Blue Bells of Scotland
  Usktown Morris Reel Lads a buncham