1991 Photos

Royal Oak at Morris in the Forest, 1991
Outside the aptly named 'Northampton House'
Standing at the back: Mary W,Roger and Pat Eaton, Marjorie, Joan and Sue
Seated: Kevin, Gloria, Mary B

Warwick with Nancy Butterfly and Pebworth Morris

Royal Oak dancing in Warwick.  From the left Marjorie, Paul, Gloria and Kevin.
Nancy Butterfly in the park in Warwick, whilst Royal Oak try to remember the music they dance to!

Morris in the Forest
Royal Oak showing how to use sticks outside the Neuadd Arms at our first Morris in the Forest.
John Cannell and Kevin Lodge fight it out in front.
Mysterious French? dancing workshop at Morris in the Forest, July 91.

Fairport Convention, August 91

Enjoying the show at Fairport Convention's Reunion, from the left, John, Jim(?) and Pat Cannell, Kevin, Joan and Roger.
Dancing uphill and on grass, but not too bad. John Braybrook on drum, Kevin, Paul, Sue, Gloria, Jacquie and Mary B.

Royal Oak Morris's Secret Tour of Shropshire
A quick practice behind the Terles new house in Shropshire before we dance out for the masses.
From the left; Gloria, Mary B, John and Jill Terle, Richard and Kevin
Dancing to the (missing) masses in Much Wenlock in the Rain!

John C plays to Richard, Mary B, Kevin and others....