1992 Photos

Royal Oak at Peterborough, May 1992

Invited over by Cross Keys Clog, Pam's new side, for their day of dance.
From the back: John C, John B, Roger, Kevin, Richard, Jacqui, Pat C, Mary  and Pat E

Royal Oak dancing in Peterborough
Looks like  a Badby dance done by Pam (in her new side's kit) Mary B, Jacqui, Richard and Kevin
Adding to our collection of strange places to dance, we do a Dorset Four-hand Reel(?) on the steam train.
Roger plays for Jacqui, Pat E and Pam.

Morris in the Forest - the return
Outside Northampton House - again
Standing at rear: Kevin, Mary B, Jacqui and Roger
In front: Sue, Pat E, John B and John C
Royal Oak's attempt at a processional.
It might even be our short lived affair with Winster Processional
From the left, the band:Roger, John and John, with dancers Kevin, Jacqui, Mary B, Richard, Pat E and Sue(?).

Eydon Fete, September 1992

As you can see, we danced to massive applase at Eydon fete, that year on the Green,

Pat E, Lin, Kevin, Joan, Mary W and Gloria, with Pat C on melodians  and Roger fiddling.

Transpo '92, at Woodford Halse
Before the start
From the left: Timmy & Louise Bennett, and Don Kench, our self appointed mascot, then John B, Pat E, Joan, Gloria, Pat & John C and Kevin get ready for the off.
What fun, dancing on bumpy grass!

From the left, Richard, Jacqui, Joan, Pat E, Paul and Kevin stretching out behind them in 'Balance the Straw'.

Gloria Swarbrick's Leaving Party
Leaving party at Gloria's in Hinton.  Gloria opening presents watched by Louise, Timmy and Richard Bennett.  In the background are Joanne Colebourne, Kevin Lodge, John Cannell and Mary Braybrook.
Gloria telling it how it is!
watched by John Braybrook, Richard and Jacqui Bennett.
Louise Bennett signing Gloria's leaving card, helped by Pat Cannell.
Leaving cake in the shape of Royal Oak badge.  Can't now remember who made it.

Bloxham Civil War Day

Inside dancing as it rained outside!
Tight dancing inside at Bloxham: Kevin, Richard, Mary B(?), Jacqui, Paul & Lin The Sealed Knot  folk look amazed at the dancing blur that is Lin