1993 Banbury Twinning

Royal Oak hit the continent - 3rd - 6th June 1993 Banbury 'twinning' exchange' with the town of Hennef (Siege), Germany,

11 Dancers (John & Mary B, Jacqui & Nigel, Paul, Pat E, Kevin & Sue, Pam Russell, Richard and Mary W) and John and Pat C, and Roger?

We danced at Hennef town center, at a retirement home, went on a Cologne coach tour, Bonn, Blankenburg, Hennef Ratskeller gdn, Hennef barn dance, and Belgian motorway service stn (with grass roof) in the company of St. Kevin and the Fallen Women, dancing to 'Thirsty Kevin and the Working Woman.

"Folk freunde komen auf ihre kosten", article in local press.

At this stage we have a repertoire of 35 dances.

Paul remembers: Low Headroom Banged our heads trying to danced under low ceiling of cross channel ferry disco dance floor
Chequered flag start to dancing, Flag waving / throwing at barn dance before we Morris danced on stage.  Kevin and host stayed up past midnight attempting to translate barn dance instructions into German.

6th A Service Station somewhere in Belgium  (how romantic)..Includes a scratch side made up entirely of the Lodge family (6).

Later fell out with Banbury Twinning Association due to a misunderstanding about the feedback form!