1994 Calendar

12th Heyford Ale, at Campion School in Bugbrooke  with Rose and Castle, Queen's Oak and Stony Stratford and others.  Dancing to Sleepy Moggie and John Weaver.

At our dance spot I seemed to remember a modified 6-man dance with an extra couple dashing round the outside on the choruses.
23rd St George's Day, The Greyhound at Milton Malsor  with, Woad Works, Queen's Oak, Rose and Castle, The Witchmen, Stony Stratford, Kettering Rapper and Polyolbion.
1st Sunday May Day Morning at Brackley Start the day at 5.30am in Brackley Market place.  Long wait for breakfast after, so danced Constant Billy with knives and forks in the Red Lion.

Local tour, beat the bounds, so disturbing sleeping suburbanites at 7 am!  Later, passed by groups of 7th Day Adventists on way to church wearing head scarves hurrying by and pretending not to see us!
1st pm Amos’s Garage, Eydon Wheels of Hope finale again.
5th King’s Arms, Fathingstone  
7th Daventry Victorian Street Market. We were videod again  Kevin has copy of ???  dancing
7th pm Queen’s Oak Ale evening do
12th Red Lion Northend  
15th Chackmore  
19th Coach & Horses and Dun Cow Daventry  
20th 'Wookey Hole Pub', New Hope, Philadelphia, U.S.A. Sub-team in America for Trevor Marshall’s wedding.
Dance with Cherry Hill Morris on 21st
25th Sun at Kislingbury Wednesday with Nether Heyford Morris
26th Evenley  
9th The Red Lion and The Brazenose at Croperdy.  
11th Blessing at St.Nicholas Church, Eydon. Sue Jobbins’ wedding, we for danced them outside the church
12th Milton Malsor - Football Club Fair. Hard work on a lumpy playing field as I remember.
16th The Fox at Farthinghoe and The Marston Inn at Marston St. Lawrence.  
18th Banbury, The Star at Sulgrave, The Marston Inn at Marston St. Lawrence and Warmington Fete Royal Oak's 'Day of Dance' with Woad Works, Polyolbion, Old Mother Redcaps, Tap and Sync and Miscellany Morris. Double Decker Bus tour.
24th The Romer Arms at Newnham.  
30th The Bartholomew Arms, Blakesley.  
1st - 3rd Morris in the Forrest, Llanwrytd Wells.  Dancing with Prego and Late Night Ceilhidh Band. 'After Hours' police bust in hotel. Drinking continued after they left.
7th Plough at Warmington.  
14th The Old House at Home at Moreton Pinkney. "We're known for our beer here" from landlady on complaining that beer is crap!
16th Bristol Street Motors, Banbury. Hired, along with Steel Band & Robocop Man, to mark reopening of  Bristol St Motors.
21st The Plough at Upper Boddington.  
1st The Folly at Napton 'aptly named'. Folly indeed!  Paul writes: One of our group who will remain nameless complained about the beer. Near punch up ensued with locals, women in our side manhandled! Tactical retreat
3rd Woodford Autumn Fair  
20th Old Peoples' Home  at Daventry.  
22nd Sulgrave Manor. ' Apple Day'
10th AGM in Eydon Village Hall All officers re-elected
26th Boxing Day Tour, The Crown at Weston and The Old House at Home, Moreton Pinkney. With Eydon Mummers (Royal Oak still closed for renovation.)