2004 Calendar

By the start of this year both Jacqui Bennett and Pat Eaton have hung up their boots (at least for the first time).
1st Star at Sulgrave Sharing our hang-over with Bodicote Morris.  Nice man buys us all a drink! 
12th - 13th Halsway Manor, Somerset  Inebriate tour. Danced in the sunny Hall on Sunday, v enjoyable and even the inebriates watched.
23rd St. George's Day, The Boat at Stoke Bruerne.  
1st May Day at Brackley, then to on to join St. Albans Morris Men on their tour ‘Don’t like their white shoes’
2nd Rochester Sweeps Festival David T and Kevin both realise that they have finished up camping in only their Morris whites. One of them buys some new trousers – someone didn’t …
6th The Red Lion at Evenley  
8th Waendle Walk at The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough.   
9th  Waendle Walk at The Castle Theatre, Wellingborough.  
11th Stoke Lyne, Oxfordshire, With Kirtlington MM
20th The Windmill at Badby.  
22nd  Masons Apron's Day of Dance at Stowe-on-the-Wold.  
27th The Butcher's Arms at Greens Norton.  
3rd The White Horse at Norton.  
10th The Plough at Everdon. Lots of nice beer, an apreciative landlord who gives us tee shirts and other gifts.
13th  Eydon Village Hall Odoorn Practice Session.
17th  The Avon at Avon Dasset,  With Hereburgh Morris.
19th Midsummer Festival at Towcester Market Place. Dancing in the Market Square to entertain visitors to festival before start of Concerts.  Competing with a steam organ.  Are paid in beer.
24th The George at Kilsby  With Paragon Pit - with ladies!  (and some drop-ins from Yelvertoft Morris).  Windy I remember.
25th - 27th Scarborough Festival, including Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay. Good campsite, nice weather, shame about the dance band. Dancing on the beach heavy going. Met up with ex-Royal Oaker Pam Russell with her Pig Dyke side in stunning black and white gear.
1st The Royal Oak at Eydon.  
6th  The Eastcote Arms at Eastcote. With Queens Oak
11th  Village hall for Odoorn Practice
then Soulden Hill House.
Plus Pete’s School fete
Ground at Soulden Hill terrible to dance on. Saw Black John after 20 years. Driving across Northamptonshire whilst Grand Prix is on at Silverstone takes a lot longer than anyone imagined!
15th  White Hart at Shenington With Brackley Morris and AN Other side.
23rd Fewcott, Oxfordshire  Birthday hog roast at ?? for ex-member of Stoney Morris now the landlord.
24th Ducklington Day of Dance.  
July 28th - Aug. 1st  Odoorn festival, Holland.  Details elsewhere.
4th Dunstable Folk Fest  
5th  Wallingford Bunkfest. Dancing in tiny pub yard – met ex Royal Oaker Pam Russell again a but this time in her Appalachian dance mode.
9th The Lakes Hotel at Hellidon. For Honda Sales conference.  Quite a good event though.
10th – 12th  Swanage Festival A pleasent weekend, marred slightly by Jane getting caught in a rain storm whilst putting her tent up (something to do with being tempted by Pete's red wine halfway the job!)  Danced realy well, every one  enjoying themselves and showing it.  Get asked to Wimbourne Festival as a result.  Dave Goode forgets to eat properly.
23rd – 25th ? Much Wenlock, Shropshire. Morris Federation A.G.M.  Dance at Royal Oak at Cardington, and Church Streeton and on Iron Bridge.
14th AGM in Village Hall Much change (eventually) with Dave T as Squire, Kevin Mears as Foreman, Jane Murray as Baglady, but still with Richard as Bagman. 
  Where were the Xmas Dance Outs and when?