2010 Calendar

 1st  Lamb at Stoke Goldington   Guests of Stony Steppers. Short handed (and late) we arrive and straight into 4-handed dancing on small patio next to the open beer drop at pub! At times, not one of our best days, but good fun overall. Pub supplies hot food, and excellent music session afterwards, but not many of us stay. 
20th  Weston Favell School, Northampton  Dance spot at barn dance, first outing for Dave Barrows stick throwing dance. Did Joseph Baker too. Went ok!  (Adrian Dyer, who joined us a year later, remembered us doing this!)
23rd  The Boat, Stoke Bruerne  St George’s Day, Good crowd as usual, good weather,  
1st  May Day celebrations  Brackley Market Place, with Brackley Morris, Aynho and Northampton Morris. We danced well, but the promised tour in morning gradually falls apart. David T looking decidedly yellow, 
2nd   (Sulgrave Castle Green Refurbishment)  Sadly, due to horrendous weather forecast – that wasn’t in the end as bad as suggested – this was called off. No great probs for the Morris, but Eydon Mummers’ new Robin Hood play, specially written and (almost) rehearsed, never saw the light of day. 
 8th   The Bull, Stony Stratford  Guests of Short Tars Rapper, along with Rose & Castle and (somebody else). We dance (out of rain) in huge garage of hotel – good sound and not too bad dancing. 
12th   Stag, Offchurch  Guests of Hereburg Morris, along with Coventry Morris Men, who were impressive! 
When?  George, Tiffield?   
When?  White Horse, Norton  Is this the scene of Lin’s “..awful dancing” ?  
31st  Royal Oak, Eydon  Planned farewell dance for Justin & Bronnie as they leave the Royal  Oak for Culworth – but they left the day earlier!   Did this take place? 
3rd   Carpenter’s Arms, Lower Boddington  With Brackley Morris as our guests 
5th   The Bull, Stony Stratford  - again – this time guests of Stony Steppers. – did this take place? 
13th   Canon’s Ashby House  – did this take place? 
When? Avon, Avon Dassett  Any guests? 
24th   New Inn, Abthorpe  With our guests this time – Stony Steppers! A good night. 
26th   St Albans  Day of dance – did this take place? 
 10th   Fete at West Fardon  Hot day to be dancing on grass with no decent beer! Jane seemed to be upset with Dave Yeoman! Can’t have been that bad as 3 people enquire about joining in the autumn. Back (via a couple of decent beers in the Cross Tree) to a VG barbeque at the Cannells. 
15th   Plume of Feathers, Daventry  Some good 4-man dancing in the streets, followed by a curry.  
20th  Sun at Kislingbury  A very good night as guests of Queens Oak, along with Rose & Castle, Shore Tar and of course, Stony Steppers. Good crowd, tasty beer! 
29th   George, Tiffield  Drop in dance to compensate for our not going on Ducklington’s Day of Dance at the weekend. My memory is of some crappy dancing (by me) in the dark to a few people. 
30th  Braunston Festival  Warm up for Eliza Carthey! We were dead good – and have the photos to prove it!  
4th   Wallingford Bunkfest  Not too bad, quite good dancing – and somebody else wanted to join us!  
5th   Badby Fayre  Two spots dancing in the street, some of us a little knackered again – pictures in Daventry Express. – Anyone got the cutting? 
8th  Lamb at Stoke Goldington  Guests of Stoney Steppers. Again!  
16th  Royal Oak AGM  At the Royal Oak. Richard and Lin step down, officers are now: Jane squire, Pat foreman, Ruth moneybags and Kevin postbag. Other roles as before. 
17th-19th   Otley Folk Festival  Return visit to this old Market town, with loads of pubs and very good shops! Camping between the fresh smells of the two sewerage works. Not too bad performances over the weekend, although tiring. ‘Burning hat’ mummers. 
23rd   Eydon Village Hall  Practice restarts and sadly the number of useful new recruits drops dramatically as various bad backs and lack of any rhythm discovered. 
11th  Newport Pagnell  Meal with David and Ruth as thanks for support during David’s illness, followed by impromptu decamp from restaurant to Don and Jill’s next door for coffee and drinks. 
16th  Arnold House, Rugby  Dance for Memcap at their fete then back to Kevin Mear’s for coffee. 
19th  (Lilacs, Isham  After years of trying, Jane gets an invite from the Witchmen to their Yule bash, which has to be called off due to the snow! ) 
26th  Royal Oak, Eydon  Dancing in road (as car park still covered in snow) to Christmas Carols, with Eydon Mummers.