1st ‘Warm up’ dance outside freezing Dun Cow at Dunchurch, then on to Rugby Beer Festival. So cold that Wendy catches pleurisy!  Super glue floor at beer fest!  First dance out for ‘Balance the Straw’.
This was Doug Jimenez'z last dance before being posted back to USA.  
22nd Cotswold Fieldtown Workshop At Coventry, where we learn the Fieldtown long side step sequence – and that it is not easy to dance ‘Leapfrog’ in a dirndl skirt!
31st Easter Monday Tour:. Our first Morris tour!
The Windmill and the Maltster's Arms at Badby, Kings Head at Farthingstone, The Old Red Lion at Litchborough and The Royal Oak at Eydon John & Pat C with Tom & Jim. Kev & Sue, Pete & Jolyon, Russ, Pat & Joan, Terry & Martin.
23rd (Brackley Morris dance at the Royal Oak Whilst we just watch....)
5th Chacombe, Thorpe Manderville and Eydon Angela Locke drops out.
We are practicing Old Woman and Balance the Straw.
26th Farthingstone & Eydon Trevor Marshall joins. ‘Morris Aid’
7th Red Lion, Gt Boughton In the pub garden, with Fairport Convention playing in the back of the pub.  Wendy Lowe leaves, but Gloria Swarbrick joins
13th Eydon; Red Lion at Moreton Pinkney, Eydon  
21st   Lin & Steve Walker join
31st Royal Oak, Eydon; Falcon, Priors Marston; then on to Boddington Fete Rough ground (and too much beer) at Fete and Trevor’s nose and Joan’s tooth get hit by sticks. As a result, Big Steve drops out.
This was Paul Dennis’s first introduction to Royal Oak – but he still joined!
6th Culworth Fete In big house, very good! For refreshments, a choice of (old) Party 7 tin of beer or Auntie’s dope!
 7th Woodford Fete  In the club and school, nearly a punch-up!  Steve Walker drops out.
13th Byfield Fete  
14th Eydon Fete and Byfield Jill and John Tearle dance out for first time?
17th Woodford School [Paul has this as 18th Sept (which is a Thursday, 14 days after Woodford fete)]
Sat. 15th Rugby Cotswold & Fieldtown Workshop.  Paul remembers a well endowed female tutor who taught us “the value of bounce in these traditions"
15th Xmas Social, Royal Oak, Eydon  
26th Morteon Pinkney and Eydon Xmas Dance out