1986 In Brief

Over the closed season we learned new dance traditions, Badby and Fieldtown, danced at new venues, Rugby Beer Festival, lots of local pubs, and soon, lots (5 in a row!) of local fetes.

The first of these, Boddington Fete, is almost the last as the rough ground, and the beer taken on the pre-fete tour, cause Joan to loss a tooth and Trevor to have his nose blooded!

The next fete at Culworth was much more interesting, being held in the big house at the top of the village (now an old peoples’ home). Then it was occupied by a supplier of props for historic films, and the house was full of his stock. Refreshments offered were a very old Party-7, or some of Auntie's pot!

First Xmas Social and first Xmas dance out (in the road), both at the Royal Oak.

Practice takes place on Monday nights, initially at Byfield Village Hall, later at Eydon.  Sue starts the long tradition of Royal Oak's Newsletter.

Commings and Goings

Big new influx of dancers, with Pat Eaton, Joan Turvey, Angela Locke and Wendy Lowe joining at the start of the training season along with Terry Butcher and his mate Martin. Later in the year Terry's other mate (Big) Steve joins as does Trevor Marshall, Gloria Swarbrick, Lin (later Martin) and Steve Walker, Paul Dennis and Jill and John Tearle.

Of these, Angela and Wendy drop out during the summer for various reasons.Big Steve, after knocking one of Joan's teeth out drops out as Morris is too dangerous. Steve Walker never dances out. Uncle Sam calls Doug Jimenez home in March. (Although he sends him back again a year or two later.)

Both Jim & Tom Cannell dance out with Royal Oak during the year.