1986 Photo Gallery

The New Big Team Photo!  
After Rugby Beer Fest, March 31st 1986.

Standing, from the left, Pat Eaton, Wendy Lowe, Pete Clifford, (Nick Dukes), Terry Butcher, Kevin Lodge, Martin ?, Joanne Coleborne, Matthew Tasker, John Cannell & Doug Jimenez.
At front, Joan Turley, Russell Fisher, Angela Locke, Tom Cannell & Jolyon Bull.


The Warm-up Dance at Dunchurch on way to Rugby Beer Festival.

From left, Angela, Terry, Wendy, Matthew and Kevin have a go at Shepherds Hey, Badby, whilst John plays.
The warm up following the Warm Up Dance.

Kevin, Martin, Matthew and Russell in the bar of the Dun Cow.
Rugby Beer Festival
Royal Oak Morris give a limp wristed display of the sort that gives Morris Dancing a bad name!

Wendy, Martin & Jolyon dance Old Black Joe?
Shepherds Hey again, this time indoors.
Matthew, Terry, Wendy, Pat Eaton, Kevin, Angela & Joan.  
John & Pat Cannell on the melondians.


But they finish in style!
Kevin, Angela, Wendy, Doug, Joanne, John, Pat Cannell, Nick, Terry, Pat Eaton, Joan & Pete doing Cuckoos Nest

Our First Morris Tour, Easter Monday.  
Both Badby pubs, Farthingstone, Lichborough then back to Eydon before the pub shut!


Pete our fool, does not look too good at the start of the tour!
We don't start too well either.  Shepherd's Hey Badby at Badby,
Jolyon, John, Joan, Pat E, Terry, Pete, Martin & Kevin start a fairly lackluster dance.
Pat C will be disappointed to note the early appearance of baldric badges.
A bit more vigour as we dance Constant Billy.
Jolyon, Joan, John, Pat E, Terry, Pete, Martin & Kevin 'give it some stick!'
Windmill at Badby, Easter Monday 1986.
Sadly, an early introduction to the Eydon Milling About Dance.
Martin, Pat E., Russell, Pete, Terry, Jolyon piss about whilst Kevin 'looks stern'!
Outside the King's Arms at Farthingstone.
Hands Around at the Red Lion at Lichborough.
John, Jolyon, Terry and Martin
Final stop, the Royal Oak at Eydon.
Straight lines at last.  Sue Lodge looks on.

Xmas at the Royal Oak
Christmas Dance Out in the Snow
 Outside the Gents at the Royal Oak!

Sue, Lin, Paul, Trevor and Kevin, and the vigorous tambourine of Joanne.
Don't They Scrub Up Well?

Royal Oak at the Royal Oak for their first Christmas Social.

Standing from left:  Sue Lodge, Joan Turley; Paul Dennis, Jill Tearle, John Cannell,  Pete Clifford, Steve Walker, Matthew Tasker, Lin Walker & Jolyon Bull.

Squatting Pat Cannell, Kevin Lodge, Gloria Swarbrick, Joanne Coleborne & Trevor Marshall