Royal Oak Morris Members Over The Years


Allison, Don Bennett, Jacqui Bennett, Nigel Bennett, Richard Braybrook, John
Braybrook, Mary
Brown, Ruth Bull, Jolyon Burrows, David Butcher, Terry Cannell, Jim Cannell, John
Cannell, Pat Cannell, Tom Clifford, Pete Colebourne, JoAnne Coveny, Marjory Dennis, Paul
Dukes, Nick Durham, Chris Eaton, Roger Eaton, Pat Fisher, Russell Giles, Richard
Green, Jill Hall, Mike Harpur, Ann Hettenbach, Derek Jefferies, David Jimenez, Doug
John, 'Black' Locke, Angela Lodge, Kevin Lodge,Sue Long, Dawn Lowe, Wendy
Marshall, Trevor Martin, Lin Martin, Pete Mears, Kevin Morris, Liz Murray, Jane
Russell, Pam Stevens, Pam Swarbrick, Gloria Tasker, Matthew Tearle, Jill Tearle, John
Tidmarsh, Richard Titmas, Pat Tompsett, David Tompsett, Ruth Turner, Nina Turvey, Joan
W, Dave W, Praveen Wilkinson, Mary ?, Big Steve ?, Martin  
Nina Turner
Original Squire and Landlady of the Royal Oak
Dawn Long
Dawn Long, later married Russell Fisher and moved with their family when Russell got a job 'up North'.
Richard Giles
Builder Richard Giles, for some reason known as Tricky Dicky….
Doug Jimenez
Tech Sergeant Doug Jimenez of the US Air Force
Russ Fisher
Russell Fisher, Journalist and Publisher of magazines that needed photos of topless ladies sitting on cars out in the woods…..
Pete Clifford
Pete Clifford, another Builder and Royal Oak’s first (and only) Fool
Jolyon Bull
Jolyon Bull, Gentleman Builder
Kevin Lodge
Kevin Lodge, one of the greatest Material Scientists of his age!
Joanne Colebourne
Joanne Colebourne, some time barmaid of the Royal Oak and Tambourine basher of distinction.
John Cannell
John C John Cannell, Chemical Scrap Man and Morris Foreman Extraordinaire
Black John
From Aruba (via Woodford Halse) and a nominal Computer Entrepreneur
Pat Cannell
Polymath, teacher of maths and music, and dancer from way back.
Sue Lodge
Our original Bag, combining post & money and Newsletter Editor.  Big in chocolate at the time.  Had to drop out when she broke her ankle.
Nick Dukes
Bodhran player and at the time, a maker of plastic trees.
Pat Eaton
1986-2003 +
Librarian, with ballet dancing feet.
Lin Martin (nee Walker)
  Squire ? to ? 
Joan Turvey
1986- 1990
Terry Butcher
Reputed by be part Gypsy, went off to Ireland to live in a caravan.
Martin ?
  One of Terry's friends.
(Big) Steve
  Another of Terry's friends, ex-Marines, but with a soft centre.
Angela Locke
Wendy Lowe
Mathew Tasker
Jill Tearle
1986 -1988
  Another teacher, this time of infants.  Also played a mean piano (and recorder).  Married to John (below).
John Tearle
1987 -1988
  One of the Men From the Ministry, in his case the Ag & Fish.  Moved to Shropshire to further his career.  Married to Jill.
Paul Dennis
1986 -1999 and ???? - Present
Trevor Marshall
1986-1988 +
  (Subsequently International) Battery Expert and property magnate.  

Lived in Gripping Boredham.

Still remembered in the cry 'Into line - Trevor!'
Gloria Swarbrick
  Ex-wife of fiddle Dave Swarbrick,  moved from Byfield to Hinton before emigrating to the States.
Jim Cannell
Eldest son on John & Pat Cannell, occasionally dancer and musician with us.
Tom Cannell
Youngest son on John & Pat Cannell, occasionally dancer, but also played clarinet.
Derek Hettenbach
  Landlord of Royal Oak after Nina Turner left. Sponsored Royal Oak badges.  Moved on to Fleur de Lys in Woodford Halse.
Dave W
  Another Woodford man, worked at Brackley for a flavour essence company.
Praveen W
  Wife of Dave W (above) and mother of Taaaaaron.
Jacqui Bennett
1989 - 2003
Lives in Mollington and later began a catering business that took over her world.
Richard Tidmarsh
1989 - Present
  Initially IT specialist for Cancer Research, later, after years as Royal Oak's Treasurer, retrained as an accountant.
Marjory Coveny
1989 - 1991
  Lived in Silverstone (at Toad Hall).  Left to start an Appelation side and subsequently moved away from area.
Pam Russell
1989 - 1993
Moved to Mollington when husband came to help build the M40.  Sadly when that finished had to move on to next job in Peterborough.
Mary Braybook
1989 - 2007
Family planning nurse, with a weakness for dogs and husband John.
John Braybrook
1990 - 2007
Ex geography teacher, ex postman, setter of fine games and puzzles, maintains a steady beat.
Mary Wilkinson
1989 - 1996
Moved  with husband Tony and son Luke and is now  bed and breakfast landlady in East Anglia
Roger Eaton
1991 - Present
Liz Morris
1992 -1993
Pete Martin
1993 - Present
Nigel Bennett
1993 - 1998
Richard Bennett
Ann Harpur
1993 - 1998
Jane Murray
1997 - Present
  Squire 2010 -2012 
David Tompsett
1997 - Present
Don Allison
1997 - Present
Ruth Tompsett
1999 - Present
Mike Hall
Jill Green
2000 - 2002
  Moved to Blakesly to forget dancing north western Morris.  Had to give up with Royal Oak  to look after her sick chap.
Ruth Brown
2001 - 2007
David Burrows
2001 - Present
  Squire 2012 - 2014 
Pam Stevens
2002 - 2007
David Jefferies
2003 - 2007
Kevin Mears
2003 - Present

Squire 2014 - Present

Foreman ????-???? 

Chris Durham
2003 - 2004
Pat Titmas
2003 - 2004
Glynn Murray
after 2006 - Present
Bass player extraordinaire, helpful citizen, and sink of an extraordinary number of beers