Royal Oak Morris - A Stick Dance

Welcome to the Royal Oak Morris web site. Royal Oak Morris are based in the village Eydon in Northamptonshire. Royal Oak formed as a new side in 1985 to dance at the village fete. Although it was later discovered that there was a tradition of Morris in the village. More information can be found under the history of Morris Dancing.

The side mainly dance dances from the Cotswold villages with a particular focus on the village of Badby, our closest village where a traditional Morris team is known to have existed, and whose dances were recorded. More details of our repertoire and style can be found under the repertoire section.

Royal Oak Morris - A handkerchief dance

We find that our dancing is enjoyed by many who see us and we have been asked to dance all over the country, from County Durham to Dorset and from East Anglia to West Wales. Over the last few years we have danced in Germany, France, Holland and Belgium and we even managed to get to the east coast of America.


 Royal Oak Morris - Our Musicians

As befits a rural tradition, Royal Oak Morris's year is divided into various seasons. Our year starts in early Spring, on St George's Day (April 23rd, when we have our first dance out) and May Day morning (at 5.30 am - welcoming the sunrise in Brackley market place). It continues through May, June and July, when we dance out at local pubs, fetes and shows at weekends and most Thursday nights. We also get invited to dance at several Days of Dance organised by other local sides as well dancing further afield.

After a break during August we start our practice season in mid September when we rehearse (yes, really, we do!) our dances and learn new ones. This takes place in Eydon Village Hall on Thursday nights from mid-September to mid April, although we do have some winter engagements, including Christmas events, dancing to the tunes of well known carols.

So, if you live locally, fancy a sort of non-competitive sport with a bit of exercise, a bit of socialising and lots of fun, and the odd drink, try to come along to Eydon Village Hall on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. when full tuition will be given. All welcome, even those with a sense of rhythm! Please contact one of the side members if you would like to join in the fun.